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Marisela Rizik - Author, Filmaker, Scriptwriter, Teacher, Tango Instructor
Buenos Aires Tango Dancing Immersion Tour
One or two weeks full of incredible experiences!
Come with us in November or go any time during the year.


Follow other adventures of the author in this blog:

Crazyabouttango Blog

Marisela's novels in Spanish are available in Dominican Republic follow the link below:
La novelas de Marisela puedes obtenerlas en Santo Domingo, RD a traves de Editorial Santuario

The Infinate Uncertainty
The themes in The Infinity Uncertainty are the eternal
ones. Who am I? What is
the nature of reality?

Available in English via Kindle

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La Infinita Incertidumbre
(The Infinite Uncertainty)
Novel in Spanish

A man takes a journey to find another man, and his search
takes an unexpected turn.
Reality or dream? Shrodinger's
Cat: dead or alive? Part history,
part uncertainty.

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El Tiempo del Olvido
tells the story of
women from two
different families—
one rich and the other
mired in poverty.

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Of Forgotten Times
tells the story of
women from two
different families—
one rich and the other
mired in poverty.

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Unchain The
Creative Energy
of Your Mind

Deep Relaxation with
an Empowering
Message - Audio Tape.

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Voice Over

Spanish and

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Argentine Tango Classes
Taught by Marisela Rizik

Beginner and Intermediate
Tango Classes in Eugene, Oregon

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   Multicultural Media
   Video Production
   Pronto Spanish - Spanish Classes

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