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Bilingual Voice Over Narration

Marisela Rizik

Voice-over narration, commercials and acting
Fluent in: Spanish, English (Spanish accent)
Brown eyes, dark hair
Length of sample: 2:20

Jasper Rizik Graham

Voice-over work, commercials and acting
Fluent in: English and Spanish
Blue eyes, brown hair
Length of sample: 2:16

One wide-spread misconception of the Spanish language is that Mexicans only understand Mexicans, that regional accents and pronunciation of one Spanish-speaking community are difficult to understand by other Spanish-speakers. No expert of the culture and structure of the Spanish language would ever venture to make such statements, yet this misconception continues to flourish. Consequently, many producers are misled into choosing a particular native-speaker. The narrator's nationality should not be a factor when casting for voice-over work. The main judgment should be made based on the talent's ability to communicate in a broadcast quality voice without showing any particular regional accent. Almost never can a native Spanish speaker tell the nationality of a good broadcast or voice-over announcer.

We can help you cast your voice-over or choose the appropriate talent for your productions.

 Recent clients include: 
Adlib, advertising agency 
Peterson Pacific 
INPHO Information On Hold 

"Marisela has done voice over and translation work for my company for the past eight years. We provide information on hold for businesses and the feedback from our customers is always positive concerning Marisela. Her ability to translate English to Spanish in a conversational way has caused us to rely on her skills and refer her to our customers for other voice and translation projects. Marisela is well prepared for our recording sessions, takes direction well and is always fun to work with. I highly recommend her and will continue to use her skills."

Bob Vigil, Owner INPHO Information On Hold

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