Marisela Rizik - Author, Filmmaker, Scriptwriter, Teacher

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Screenplays by Marisela Rizik

If you are interested in the full screenplay, please contact me.

Serpent's Bride
A love story and thriller with a supernatural twist has a surprise at every junction. It begins in a village in Northern India with the birth of a girl who grows up in the United States as Miranda Quinslay, unaware of the ritual to which she was subjected at birth.

Upon the death of her father, a series of mysterious incidents begins to unfold. Each situation brings her dangerously closer to finding an answer to the question she has always asked herself: Who am I?

Foreign Killers
Based on a true story. A young American pilot, whose dream of flying has been tarnished by poor eyesight, becomes involved in the abduction from American soil of a Columbian University instructor. He flies him to meet his death on an island in the Caribbean. He too eventually will fall prey to the relentless machine of an ambitious dictator.

Foreign Killers weaves through its pages a thick web of intrigue, power, money, murder, innocence and betrayal. Character after character falls into the chopping machine of terror of a man who eats tortoise eggs to increase his virility and worries constantly over his appearance and his power to attract women.

Bachelor Forever
It's never too late to begin to love and to make changes in our lives. That's one of the running themes in Bachelor Forever, a dramatic comedy that uses humor to question our view about old people and their sexual lives. The main characters are: Thomas, an eccentric intellectual in his 70s who has never been married because as he put is: he has been smart enough to quit when boredom strikes; and Julia, a shy woman who has been caged by her dominating husband until his death. The encounter of Thomas and Julia, the philosophy held by the Bachelor Forever Club, and society's deep-seated beliefs about old people make this a challenging and entertaining script.