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Buenos Aires Videos & Photos

The city I fell in love with. A big city with the feeling of small town. I love Buenos Aires neighborhoods.

Milongas (dance hall) where tango is danced socially.

No place in the world matches the unique experience of dancing tango in its birthplace. Based on traditions and training, the dancers meet in the embrace and begin an unknown journey of improvised combination.

The milongas closer to the downtown area tend to be more crowded and the steps are smaller. The ones farther away from the downtown area usually held in larger spaces are less crowded and thus offer the possibilities of taking longer steps.

Here some samples of many of the Buenos Aires's Milongas that we have danced throughout the years.
Marisela Rizik and Quique Camargo, afternoon milonga at El Beso, November 2016
Marisela Rizik & Gaston Gerez at  Marabu.
Dec. 2016
Marisela Rizik and Gaston Gerez at Marabu.
Dec 2016
Marisela Rizik & Juan Stang at Marabu.
Dec 2016
Marisela Rizik & Juan Stang at Marabu. Dec.2016
Porteno y Bailarin


La Milonguita

Lo De Elsita

Porteno y Bailarin

Milonga Sunderland

Porteno y Bailarin

Independencia & Canning

A short video project by Toni Humphrey:

My main emphasis and my strength is to prepare my students to dance tango socially . Sometimes, I do presentations when a visiting instructor is in our town or on request from organizations. These are not staged performances but improvised exhibitions.

With Richard Council in various occasion in Eugene

With George Dancing Tango in Outdoors in Eugene
Marisela and George- family gathering Tucson, 2017

With Deanna Murphy in the leading role in Florence and Eugene

With Teacher Jorge Firpo in his class
- Buenos Aires

One of the milongas, we organize in Eugene