Marisela Rizik - Author, Filmmaker, Scriptwriter, Teacher

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About Marisela Rizik


BA - Telecommunications & Film
BA - Spanish
University of Oregon, 1988

I was born in the Dominican Republic. I came to live in the United States at the end of 1981, I have lived in Oregon since January 1982. My adopted town, Eugene, is a great place to live. I have a son, and of course, I love him dearly.

My age: Ageless!

A deep inclination towards reflection, which guides my existence and helps me understand my behavior, my reactions, my feelings and in turn, understand the behavior of others. From this inner incursion I gather strength to face the world, to forgive, to forge ahead. I always have understood the world from inside out. I cannot but assume that I was born with that ability.

I have a strong instinct to avoid entrapment, and enjoy the freedom to choose how I live my life. I need to feel - if not true freedom - then at least, the possibility of it. It is a part of me that I carefully guard.

It is reflected in how I choose to make my living. I love jobs that have endings. This certainty of living in uncertainty comes by way of the strength of my reflections and the conviction that our physical life can end anytime. Often, when faced with a difficult decision, I ask myself this question: What is there to fear? Fueled by this very thought, I have made trips, left jobs and taken the risk of leaving relationships.

I love the texture of silence, but also love the energy of a crowded street or the noise of excited voices. Traveling to other places is also one of my passions and when the need strikes, I find ways to take off.