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Eugene Tango School
Taught by Marisela Rizik, Eugene, Oregon

Marisela Rizik Argentine Tango Instruction

Tango for me:
Is meditation in movement
Instant awareness of motion
Unmovable speed
Seizing the moment

Touching vanishing air, breeze of mystery
Surrender to uncertainty

A journey in the dark with a fellow human
for the sake of dancing

If you feel you are stagnated, bored, depressed or that life has become an endless routine of sameness... TRY TANGO DANCING.

It will teach you discipline,
It will make you humble,
It will return you to the basics of life.
With every movement you conquer, you will find yourself.
You will learn to surrender to the unpredictabilities of life with each step you take on the dance floor.

Teaching in New Delhi, India October 2017

With Deanna Taborda and local Indian Instructor Kiran Sawhney


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Marisela's Tango

Beginner & Intermediate Argentine Tango Classes  
•   Private lessons available

Tango Dancing Milonga

Join us every Sunday to dance Argentine tango 5-7pm (La milonguita) and Fourth Saturday of every month 8-11pm Milonga Amore All traditional tango music Dj'd by Marisela.

Practice and lessons the first and second Friday of each month.

For current classes, please contact us

Without my assistants Deanna and George and without our great support team:
Sandra, Sherrill and Mary the Eugene Tango School could not have gotten this far.

George my beloved husband,
dance partner and much more...

Intro to Tango
Right from the beginning!
Emphasis on posture and connection to make your transitions smooth.

Learn the fundamental patterns needed to step into more elaborate movements.
Tango Level II
(Close Embrace Series)
For students who know the fundamentals and wish to keep improving.

New combinations of steps

Monthly Series - $60
Drop-ins $15

Prepayment required:
Call 541-485-6647 to reserve your spot!
Contact Marisela

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Tango Articles/Podcast

Marisela’s podcast interview by Joe Yang of Wisconsin Tango, Sept. 2018. You can find the podcast here on Soundcloud:
Listeners can also find it on a number of other popular podcast platforms, such as iTunes and Stitcher.

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Marisela Rizik Argentine Tango Instruction