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Studies & Scholars Presentations

Partial List Of Studies, Presentations, Interviews and Articles

Guest of Honor at the XXVII Congreso Anual de la asociación Internacional de Literatura y Cultura
Femenina Hispánica (AILCFH)
Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana
Noviembre, 2017

Published study of the Novel: La Infinita Incertidumbre
Reacciones colectivas en la obra de Marisela Rizik
By Ylonka-Nacidit Perdomo
Published in Spanish in GLOBAL
Revista de la fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo
Vol. 8-No,42-Sept-Oct. 2011

From Matrophobia to Motherline (English)
By Isabel Z. Brown
Published in Caribe: Magazine of culture and literature Summer 2006, Volume 9, Number 1, Page 109

In the novel parallel narratives are developed in a study of two sets of women's lives under the rule of a brutal dictator of an unnamed Caribbean country. The topics that are dealt with in Of Forgotten Times include racial issues, class struggle, and political activism. The novel, an historical fiction, contains allusions to historical facts that are familiar to those acquainted with colonial and post-colonial history in the Caribbean, and most specifically to the Dominican Republic, the author's homeland.

In this paper, which is divided into two halves, I focus on yet another topic developed in Of Forgotten Times: the intricacies of the mother/daughter bond. This particular subject posits itself as central to the resolution of the conflicts presented in the plot of the novel. The first half of this paper contains a selective grouping of critical analyses on the subjects of the motherline and matrophobia. The second half of the paper details the pertinence of Of Forgotten Times as read through the understanding of both the motherline and matrophobia concepts. Although present in the earlier stages of feminist theoretical thinking, as I will recall here, the interest in mother/daughter relationships has been gradually supplanted by interest in the self-affirmation of the individual female vis à vis numerous cultural settings.

Espresion Alternativa: Silencios y Lágrimas en El tiempo del olvido
Dra. Isabel Zakrzewski Brown
Conference of the Asociación Internacional de Literatura Femenina.
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, October 2002

Standard Deviation; Perpectives of the Trujillo Regime in the Novel with a focus on works by Julia Alvares and Marisela Rizik.
Dra. Isabel Z. Brown
It appears in:
Rebeldía, denuncia y justicia social: Voces enérgicas de autoras hispano-españolas. Ed. Clementina Adamas, Miami: Ediciones Universal, 2004

Power Brokers: The Women Surrounding the Dictator in El Tiempo del olvido
Escritura y voces del Caribe Español
Miami-Dade Community College,
Dra. Isabel Z. Brown
February 19-21, 1999

For more information on these studies and other works written by Dr. Isabel Z. Brown, please contact her at

Lila La Gitana
Short story Published by CARIBE, a journal of Culture and literature
published by: The University of North Florida and Marquette University
Volume 9, Number 2, Winter 2006-07 - page 141

Canon y Estrategia Narrativa en El tiempo del olvido
Ylonka Nacidit- Perdomo
Tertulia- septiembre, 1997

Escritura, Memoria y Textualidad Ficticia
Ylonka Nacidit
V Congreso Creación Femenina
Universidad Central de Bayamón, Puerto Rico
November 15-20, 1998

Dewitt Clinton High School, Norwood, The Bronx
Advanced Placement Spanish Literature
The Author Behind the Book, New York City
November 29, 2006 New York

Windfall Series, Oregon
Eugene Public library,
May 16, 2006

The Queens Library, New York
Contemporary Latino Authors Series
September 29th, 2005

University of Connecticut, Connecticut
Latin American and Puerto Rican Center
September, 2005

Elliott Book Company, Seattle, Washington

University of Washington bookstore, Seattle, Washington

University of Oregon Bookstore, Oregon
December 1st, 2004

Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association, Oregon
September 10-12, 2004

Arizona State University, Arizona
9th International conference of the association Of Letras femeninas
September 17, 1998

Books & Papers, Puerto Rico
El tiempo del olvido
August 9, 1997


The Raven Chronicles, Seattle, Washington
A journal of Art, Literature & Spoken Word
Story of Dictatorship & Tales of Spirits
Megan Beade
Vol. 11, No. 3 Pages: 70-71-72 2006

Clave, Santo Domingo
Con voz Propia
Elvira Lora
21 de diciembre, 2006

The Daily Campus
Rizik Speaks “Of Forgotten Times”
Connecticut 2005

The Latin Post, New York
El tiempo del Olvido, Memorias del ser que no olvida
Diogenes Abréu
September 1, 2005

New Pages Book Review
Jessica Powers
NewPagesBook. com

Reflexiones, ensayos sobre escritoras hispanoamericanas contemporaneas
Dra. Priscilla Gac-Artigas
7 de abril, 2000

En palabras de mujeres
Blas Jiménez
16 de enero, 1999

Marisela Rizik: escritura, memoria y textualidad ficticia, en escritura de mujeres.
Crítica canadiense literaria sobre escritoras hispanoamericanas,
1998: 91-106.

Isabel Zakrzewski Brown
El tiempo del olvido

Ultima Hora
El tiempo del olvido
José Rafael Lanti-gua,
26 de enero, 1997

Listin Diario
Tiempo de volver
Ruth Herrera
12 de enero, 1977

Ultima hora
El tiempo del olvido
26 de enero 1997

El Mundo del libro, Puerto Rico
El tiempo del olvido, una novella feminista y política

La Nación
El tiempo del Olvido
30 de Julio 1997

Listin Diario
Libros Dominicanos Francisco Comarazami
3 de enero 1997

El Caribe
Circulación de Novela
24 de diciembre 1996

Reviews & Articles

Reflexiones, ensayos sobre escritoras hispanoamericanas contemporáneas

Lane Literary Guild