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Infinate Uncertainty - A Novel

The themes in The Infinite Uncertainty are the eternal ones. Who am I? What is the nature of reality?

My favorite character is the Finder:
The finder was modeled after my own internal guide. It is the voice that dwells inside me, that prompts me to question reality, that encourage me to go beyond mere survival and everyday struggle.

Exerpt From The Infinite Uncertainty -

The Refuge of Solitude

“…You must know the condition you found me in; I have a hard time remembering the chronological order of what’s been happening to me. I know what’s happened isn’t normal-- I realized that as I listened to myself telling you my story. Please tell me ma’am: what’s happening to me?”

“You already know all you need to know. There’s not much I can explain to you; your story says it all.”

“Nothing makes sense. If this is a dream, I want to wake up. I’ve lived everything I just told you, or at least I think I did.”

“Whenever something happens that we don’t want to accept, we think we’re in a dream. You’ll have to decide for yourself if it’s a dream or reality.”

“But surely you can tell me if I am dreaming.”

“Don’t fool yourself. If you’re dreaming, I’m just one of your creations. The dreamer and those he meets in his dream are one and the same.”

“I’ve been telling you all this without feeling any emotion, as though I’m describing the images from another dream. That’s why I’m asking.”

“I’ll tell you again: everything you want to know, you already know. All the answers have always been there, but you just don’t want to accept them. You went in search of that happiness you never had, like the rest of the inhabitants of this side and the other. Your search was nothing more than that”

“Help me understand, I feel so lost!”

“I’ll do what I can. Tell me what it is you most want to know.”

“Who am I really? Why am I here? What’s the meaning of these things that have been happening to me? Am I dreaming or awake?”

“Always the same questions… I can’t promise you much. You’re neither the first nor the last. Everyone comes here looking for the same answers. I can only explain the process. Many people want immediate answers, but in reality they’re afraid to burst the illusion of what they believe in. Let’s begin by saying that some time ago, a long time ago, you had a painful experience, the type that leaves an indelible sense of grief. One would like to go back, to stop the hands of the clock, so to speak. Imagine the grieving of those who set out for someplace and never arrive. The universe is filled with their laments; these are pains that follow one across time. This regret, this burden, shall we say, reveals itself in many forms: sometimes as uneasiness, other times as a constant searching with no apparent reason. That’s what has been happening to you. Many times you’ve come close to reaching an answer and resolving this business, but for one reason or another-- indecision, accidents beyond your control, and other circumstances-- you have veered from your path. But I must assure you that you have now come closer than ever, although there is yet one last door to go through. Tell me if what I just explained reminds you of anything.”

La Infinita Incertidumbre

Available in Spanish in book form

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